Specializing in medical malpractice insurance for physicians, surgeons, dentists and allied healthcare professionals.

With over twenty five years of experience in the med mal insurance marketplace, we pride ourselves on our ability to save our clients significant premium dollars by utilizing our expertise in negotiating with a wide variety of carriers on their behalf.

We protect your assets as well as your professional reputation now and into the future by providing the most cost effective professional liability insurance available without sacrificing quality or the excellent claims representation that our clients are accustomed to receiving.

We review your policy each year to ensure you are receiving the most cost effective policy available.  

We Offer

Our services are free for all of our clients.

No Fees - No Service Charges 

Save time and money by allowing us to bring carriers and their offers to you.


Best Rates Available / "A" Rated Carriers / Favorable Policy Wording / Excellent Claims Defense / Risk  Management Programs / Occurrence & Claims Made Policies / Maximum Discounts / Association Credits / Convenient Financing Options

We offer a variety of med mal carriers.

We offer other types of business insurance  to protect your assets.